Prasanna Oriental and Alternative Medicine

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Prasanna offers holistic health modalities, including Medical Qigong Therapy, Awareness Training, Movement Therapy, and Yoga, Qigong, and Tai Chi Instruction. We are located in the Village of Oak Creek, Sedona, Arizona in the beautiful Plaza del Sol.

5 Elements of Chinese Medicine

5 Elements of Chinese Medicine

Medical Qigong Therapy is one of the 5 branches of Chinese Medicine, which applies Qigong (Energy Skill or Work) for healing physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual maladies. The Doctor assists the patient by redirecting, cleansing, and restoring the patients vital energy based on the principles of Chinese Medicine.

Medical Qigong Therapy treats both symptoms and underlying causes.  Energetic Anatomy is made up of 3 energetic fields, and within these fields — energy rivers, and pools in the body.  Medical Qigong augments the rivers and pools through direct access.  A treatment may have physical results, such as pain reduction;  mental results, such as clarity and perspective; and emotional results, such as equanimity and peace.  The results are not dependent on an individual’s beliefs, however, an openness to results will relax the body and enable desireable energetic movements to take place.

During a treatment, the patient lies or sits on the treatment table while the Medical Qigong Therapist uses specific protocols which may involve gentle pressure and stretching along with mental focus and hand movements to manipulate chi (subtle energy). The treatment is clothed and non-invasive. While receiving a treatment, one may perceive physical sensations and movements, and generally feels so deeply relaxed that some memories may surface to be reviewed.

Doctor of Medical Qigong:

  • Julie A. Engsberg, DMQ

Please contact us for an appointment. Skype (remote) appointments are also available.  Ask to be added to our Skype Contacts.